Cum se prepara Fleica la tava (VIDEO)

Cum se prepara Fleica la tava: Ingrediente: 1,5 kg fleică de porc 1 căpăţână de usturoi 2 cepe verzi 2 morcovi sare piper boia cimbru 1 cană de vin alb 1 cană de apă Mod de preparare Fleica la tava:     Pofta buna! Poate te intereseaza si: Cum se prepara Ecler cu crema de […]

Rich Tuna Salad

Appetizers and snacks

You can buy frozen chopped onion or green peppers for a quick recipe shortcut, or since they freeze so well, chop a whole bunch at once and freeze them in single servings. When making many meatballs a fast and simple way is to shape the meat mixture into a log and cut off slices. The […]